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Free Obsolete Electronic Computer Recycling.


About Us


I.T. Recycle Now is a E-Waste Recycling division of UNIXSurplus Inc

Established in 2001 in San Jose, CA, we are a retailer/wholesaler of new and used I.T. equipment. Wholesale pricing for our products is offered exclusively to registered wholesale, reseller, dealer and quantity customers. Our specialty is refurbishing servers for resale. However, we work in many different areas including personal computing, networking equipment, and other electronic products.

After years being in the computer industry, we as well as our customers notice an alarm problem. As companies and individual upgrade to new, better and faster I.T. equipment, what was left over was hundred and thousands of obsolete computers, monitors and other electronic items deemed as "e-waste". E-waste contains materials that can be hazardous if not properly disposed.

Working with a few e-waste recycling companies, we have joined hand in combatting this global issue. Today UNIXSurplus Inc. not only buy and sale I.T. Equipment, we also provide services of recycling obsolete elctronic waste.

I.T. Recycle Now was introduce in 2005 as a e-waste collection division of UNIXSurplus Inc. I.T. Recycle Now provides free e-waste recycling process. Please visit for more information on our process.

After providing free pickup and sorting of E-Waste, we hand the recycling responsibility off to our associates Danny Recycling LLC. At their site, the E-Waste is properly packed and sent to the refinaries Thus preventing hazardous material from landing in our landfills and contaminating our water supply.

Please let us know if you have any need of our services and have a wonderful day.